ABC World News Tonight

While at ChyronHego, I was tasked with developing and integrating the new OTS for ABC World News Tonight.  Since the facility decided that it was not the time to upgrade their equipment, it was my responsibility to optimize the graphic with the right about of macro coding, through the use to VBScripting and built in conditional transitions.  The OTS had to work with the automated news rundown system LUCI and CAMIO.  Users choosing to use the graphic inside the facility needed to be able to swap between 6 different variations, all inside of one element.  It was a challenging project, but this result was fantastic!

OTS has multiple options built-in to choose from.  These options include:

  1. Image or Movie Toggle
  2. Text (1-Line or 2-Lines) [labeled as “TOP LINE TEXT” in field “1- SPECIAL TEXT”]
  3. Special Image Graphic
  4. ABCNews Investigation
  5. ABCNews Exclusive
  6. Breaking News Optional Tab


ABCNews WN OTS Deliverable

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