This project was created for Timothy Baugh's Master Thesis for the Acadmy of Art University. The project could not have been completed without the help from numerous professors and directed study advisors. An additional credit is given to the content providers seen below, who assisted in the layout of the cameras and also assisted in providing the descriptions on each cameras purpose.

Tom Edwards

Television Director and manager for over 40 years. Specialist in remote broadcasts and live sports events as well as local news and most other forms of live production. Tom is a graduate from Ohio University. Freelance direction of nearly all forms of live and live-to-tape television programs, including news, sports, talk, industrial and entertainment (music) shows for local, regional and national broadcast and cable networks. Venue Production Manager for Atlanta Olympic Broadcasting. Tom is currently the Senior TV Director of NBC Universal Sports Group - MountainWest Sports Network.

Kerry Hart

Broadcast Engineer with over 30 years of experience. With a Bachelors in TV Technology from the Electronics Technical Institute, Kerry's career highlights include working as a Production Engineer for AT&T, TCI, and Comcast Spotlight. He has also worked countless live events and was the Chief Engineer for the Pepsi Center and numerous other venues around the Denver market. Currently, Kerry is a Production Engineer for the Comcast Media Center and caters mainly to the MountainWest Sports Network.
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