When starting out in the business, it is necessary to know the process of building a camera as you will get some great experience acting as a utility. When you first unload equipment from a T.V. truck, you will find that the camera comes in multiple pieces that require putting together. Several of the pieces of camera equipment are certainly heavy and there is a good motto to follow, which is: "two handles, two people." The Camera will come in one box, the lens in another, and the tripod head in a third box. Most large sporting venues have the necessary motorized carts to transport the equipment around a beneficial feature of working a long and tiring day.

Many trucks having all the equipment color coded and numbered and this helps keep everything together before transporting it to its position for the game. Once all of the various pieces are sorted and read for transport, the camera building process can begin. Follow the steps in the top right to build the camera.

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