Winter X Games

For two seasons (2008 & 2009) of Winter X Games , I was contracted to operate the graphics system on the event production side of the competition.  This meant that I was the sole graphics operator for the Jumbotron’s on the hills at the games.  There was no graphics package built for the Chyron Lyric being used and so I had to quickly create background stills and layouts of the text.  This was my first time actually building any type of graphics package on the fly.  The broadcast trucks were using Deko at the time, so I was able to work off of an existing look.  It was a challenging week with long hours, but our result was outstanding.

A lot of the event production side was responsible for displaying the schedule, fonting interviews, and keeping leaderboards up-to-date for attendees.  Here is some of the work from back then.


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